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Tema's competencies include the design of all interior spaces, architectural design, fundamental design, design analysis, space planning & programming, and an understanding of other related aspects of design and the building industry.


Interior Design is the most subjective but there can be no compromise for intelligent and cost-effective space planning, especially in present times when land prices are escalating. Tema offers our Clients not only interior design consultancy services but also an increased satisfaction of personal aspirations with well-planned, ergonomically-comfortable offices, luxurious leisure facilities at hotels and resort clubs as well as impressive homes.


A bulk of Tema's services is in overseeing entire projects from the design stage right-through to completion. Tema also provides conceptual design services and presentations drawings in interior/architecture.


Going beyond all that have been mentioned, Tema not only does its best to achieve the best in practicality but also aspires to assume the responsibility of translating a concept into reality by fully understanding what its Clients want. After all, "Design is only as good as the Designer's knowledge of the User."


Tema provides creative design concept based on each Client's culture and individuality, taking into consideration possible sensitivity and preferences of the Clients coming from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Design conceptualization is a service by itself, when Clients request for concepts only without no further design development.


Tema is able to assist Clients in the development of their space occupancy into a competitive advantage. Upon the identification and study of the needs and operation styles of our Clients together with feedback from the Clients, designs to suit zoning, departmentalizing and traffic flow of an organization to ensure success of the project will be then created.


In order to advise the workability of a project, Tema will take on fact-finding and data gathering to fully understand the Client's requirements in order to make recommendations that will fully exploit the potential of the project at hand.


Tema produces full-coloured visuals to scale which allow our Clients to have better perspectives of a design. It is a service by itself, when Clients require them as marketing tools such as for production of brochures and catalogues.


Tema continues to provide assistance to our Clients even after the completion of projects. Here at Tema Colleciones, we believe that good "after-sales" service is essential to the building and maintenance of good customer relationships.

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